Grantham Hospital A&E - Update

My top priority remains the re-opening of Grantham A&E at nights. I am frustrated that I cannot join Jody Clark and thousands more for Fighting for Grantham Hospital's protest march on Saturday. However I am delighted that my friend Rob Jenrick, MP for Newark can attend and speak on my behalf

Cummins, Stamford

Nick comments on the latest announcement from Cummins in Stamford.

Stamford Cricket Club

Stamford Cricket Club is currently raising funds for new nets, I met with the team on Saturday to discuss their bid for a grant to pay for new nets.

Magna Carta

This week the Prime Minister and the Archbishop of Canterbury met with the current sovereign to commemorate this important moment in the establishment of the rule of law in England.

The Queens Speech

Last week, I manoeuvred my way into the front of the queue of MPs trooping noisily from the Commons to the Lords so I could get a good view of the Queen on her throne reading her speech setting out the government’s legislative programme