It is good to be back in Parliament

On 1st September, ten months after I was diagnosed with a cancerous tumour in the base of my skull, I returned to work in the constituency, free of cancer, at least for now. It has been a strange time.

NF March in Grantham

The racists and xenophobes of the far right are not welcome in Grantham and do not represent the views of the people of Grantham. But this is a free country and even idiots and losers have a legal right to protest.

Grantham Hospital - IRP Decision

It is of course disappointing that the independent Reconfiguration Panel has advised the Secretary of State for Health that there is no need for a review of ULHT's original decision to close Grantham A&E at nights. But what really troubles me is the ongoing situation at ULHT.

Three years in Oslo: a sensible transition out of the EU

The most important thing that will be happening in Parliament for the next 2 years is the negotiation of Britain’s departure from the European Union.  If we make a success of it, we have every reason to be confident of our country’s future and can turn our full attention back to some of the probl

Supporting Farmers Through BREXIT

As we leave the European Union one of the biggest questions for a rural area like Lincolnshire will be how a British government should support farmers after we have taken back control of this crucial area of policy making.

Election Results

This is my latest article for the Stamford Mercury & Grantham Journal.

Thank you

Delighted to have won the trust of my constituents for a third time. Many thanks to my local team of friends, councillors and supporters who have done so much heavy lifting while I was away getting treated. It is your victory.

Grantham Hospital - My Plan

Putting pressure on ULHT to reopen Grantham A&E at nights has been my top priority since last summer. I have worked closely with the brilliant team at Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital.

My latest column for the Times

Six months ago I described the prospect of starting cancer treatment as like being sent on a forced march across difficult terrain. I wasn’t wrong. It was hard. But my journey is now complete.

General Election

I strongly support the Prime Minister's decision to hold a general election on 8th June. I believe it is in the national interest for the government to have a renewed mandate as it begins the Brexit negotiations.