Medical School for Lincolnshire

This week, after years of campaigning by Lincolnshire MPs, the government has announced the creation of a medical school for Lincolnshire at the University of Lincoln.

Future Development

I have always been in favour of development. We need to build thousands of new houses so that it becomes more affordable for people in their twenties and thirties to buy a home of their own.

Brexit Negotiations

Last June I received over 60% of the votes cast by the people of Grantham and Stamford. The voters were sending two messages: they wanted the Conservative government to get on and deliver Brexit; and they wanted to stop Jeremy Corbyn from becoming Prime Minister.

Restoring Parliament to it's original glory

Last week, MPs voted on plans for the restoration and renewal of Parliament. This vast complex – more a small town than a single building – is falling apart. Its electrics, central heating, sewage system and water supplies are ancient and constantly breaking down.

Churchill made a choice that shaped history

This weekend I will be going to see the Darkest Hour, the new film about Winston Churchill’s leadership in 1940, when the Nazi conquest of Europe seemed to be complete and the United Kingdom stood alone. It has already been hailed as a masterpiece and nominated for several Oscars.

Square Deal on the NHS

The NHS occupies a rare position in British public life. It is loved. The highest accolade that most government agencies can aspire to is indifference – a lack of complaints is the best indicator that an organisation is performing well. The NHS is different.

Let's resolve to protect our natural world

Leavers and Remainers, Conservatives and Socialists, cricket fans and football fans, the one thing we can all agree on is that we love animals and care about their welfare. Whether they are dogs, cats, horses or tortoises, we develop a strong emotional bond with the animals we look after.

Question to Prime Minister in PMQ's

Following my question to the Prime Minister about the continuing closure of Grantham A&E, I will arrange a meeting with the Secretary of State for Health.

Click to see the video here.

Statement on Grantham Hospital - 12/12/17

The attempt by NHS Improvement to block the reopening of Grantham A&E at night is outrageous and unacceptable. As is their plan for a permanent downgrade in the service. What is the point of ULHT’s board if it can’t make decisions based on the judgments of its own chief executive?


We are approaching a moment of truth in the negotiation of Brexit. Do the other 27 members of the EU really want to do a deal? Or are they more interested in punishing the UK for the temerity of our decision to leave?