ULHT in Special Measures

Following the release of the outcome of recent inspections at ULHT hospitals, it is obviously very disappointing for all involved, and for local people generally, that they are once again in special measures. The fact that safety is one of those aspects with the lowest ratings in of particular significance, and I will be pressing the local Board along with Ministers in the Government to take action quickly to address this problem. We need a detailed explanation as to how this is going to be rectified to ensure local people are getting the standard of care they need.

What also came through in the report is that Grantham A&E is amongst the best rated services in the entire Trust, and should be held up as a shining light and given more support. If Grantham A&E is running well then that is clearly an argument to strengthen it and extend the opening hours further, in order to take pressure off the other A&Es at neighbouring hospitals that are quite obviously struggling. I will be pressing for this to be considered closely in the coming weeks and I hope that we can see further improvement for Grantham residents.