Square Deal

Today I am publishing the first two chapters of my new book Square Deal. They are freely available at www.squaredeal.org.uk

In Square Deal I argue that modern Conservatives should take inspiration from US President Theodore Roosevelt, who curbed the excesses of the robber barons, reformed American capitalism and saw off the populists under William Jennings Bryan. I believe we should make the delivery of a Square Deal for ordinary working people the governing mission of the Conservative Party. In the first few chapters I propose policies that would boost productivity, improve real wages and get more homes built.

I will be publishing the book in regular instalments: on 2 November a chapter on our economic strategy, on 9 November a chapter on housebuilding.

I do not have all the answers. I hope you will improve my ideas and propose your own. The project will have been a success if it contributes to a conversation about how the Conservative Party should address the key challenges facing Britain after Brexit.

I hope you enjoy reading the initial instalments of Square Deal and would welcome the chance to discuss some of these ideas with you.