Local News

Grantham Hospital - Consultation

The sorry saga of Grantham A&E is nothing short of a scandal. That it should remain closed at night two and half years after a “temporary” closure was introduced because of staff shortages is a source of great shame for me as the local MP and supporter of the Conservative government.

What I really think about Brexit

This evening I am attending a meeting with members of the local Conservative association. Many of them are unhappy about the things I have been saying and doing in Parliament in relation to Brexit and want me to be deselected as the local Conservative standard bearer. That is their right.

The PM's Brexit Deal

So this is it. The moment of truth. The next time I write in these pages the Commons will have voted on the Prime Minister’s Brexit deal. Anything could happen. She could win, against the odds. She could lose, renegotiate the deal and then win on the second time of asking.

The Budget

On 9 November last year, in the opening chapter of my book Square Deal I called for the Chancellor Philip Hammond to use his forthcoming Autumn Statement to declare that the age of austerity was over. One year later,  I am glad to say he has used this week’s Budget to do what I recommended.

My alternative plan to Chequers

There are only 28 weeks left before we leave the European Union (EU). In all of my conversations with MPs since I published my plan for a Better Brexit, this fact has been uppermost in everyone’s mind.