Local News

Supporting a Deal

On 7th February 2017, I woke up in an isolation room at Kings College Hospital where I was receiving chemotherapy. My blood counts were rock bottom and the chances of an infection high.

75th Anniversary of D Day

How should we value the contribution of the different generations to our national story? How can we best honour our forefathers?

One Nation

As Tory MPs limber up for one of their favourite pastimes – a leadership election – there is lots of talk about One Nation. The phrase is drawn from one of the novels by former Tory Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli.

EU Elections

Next Thursday 23rd May, the most absurd and unnecessary set of elections in the UK’s history will take place. We will all be invited to elect people to represent us in a Parliament, that three years ago a clear majority of the British people voted to leave.

Let's shake up Local Government

The people of this bit of Lincolnshire have this week elected new members to South Kesteven District Council. How many of those who voted in these elections know which services are the responsibility of the District Council and which are provided by Lincolnshire County Council?

Grantham Hospital - Consultation

The sorry saga of Grantham A&E is nothing short of a scandal. That it should remain closed at night two and half years after a “temporary” closure was introduced because of staff shortages is a source of great shame for me as the local MP and supporter of the Conservative government.

What I really think about Brexit

This evening I am attending a meeting with members of the local Conservative association. Many of them are unhappy about the things I have been saying and doing in Parliament in relation to Brexit and want me to be deselected as the local Conservative standard bearer. That is their right.