Grantham Hospital - My Plan

Putting pressure on ULHT to reopen Grantham A&E at nights has been my top priority since last summer. I have worked closely with the brilliant team at Fighting 4 Grantham Hospital.

My latest column for the Times

Six months ago I described the prospect of starting cancer treatment as like being sent on a forced march across difficult terrain. I wasn’t wrong. It was hard. But my journey is now complete.

General Election

I strongly support the Prime Minister's decision to hold a general election on 8th June. I believe it is in the national interest for the government to have a renewed mandate as it begins the Brexit negotiations.  

ULHT in Special Measures

Following the release of the outcome of recent inspections at ULHT hospitals, it is obviously very disappointing for all involved, and for local people generally, that they are once again in special measures.

Superfast Broadband

The latest updates I have received on Superfast broadband say the rollout is now available to 92% of premises nationally, of which around 4.3 million have got their availability thanks to the Government’s Superfast Broadband Programme.

Triggering of Article 50

Many will know I voted Remain, but equally I have always been clear that Brexit would not be a disaster.

I accepted the result and I respect the views of the British people, as well as the democracy that we are so proud of as a country.

Grantham Relief Road

Brilliant to see work on the 'Grantham Relief Road' is now underway, and the ground has been cleared for the new junction off the A1. The final product will mean that you don't need to go through Grantham on the A52 any more and I hope will FINALLY help to deal with the congestion issue.

Greater Lincolnshire LEP

Great to hear from Sajid Javid that the Greater Lincolnshire LEP will be receiving £29.45 million of funding as part of this round of Growth Deals.