The Chequers Agreement

When more than 17 million people voted to leave the European Union, they did not all share the same expectation about where we would end up when we left.

NHS 70

This week the NHS turned 70. There have been celebrations across the country. Theresa May’s announcement that the government will increase the annual funding of the NHS by 3.4% a year (so it is £20 billion a year higher in 2023) means that the NHS can look to the future with optimism.

We don’t celebrate England, and being English, enough

We don’t celebrate England, and being English, enough.  The Scottish aren’t embarrassed about their nation, or their flag. Far from it. You can’t move in Edinburgh or Glasgow without seeing a blue and white saltire flapping in the wind.

Fly the St George’s Cross Petition

The Government should arrange for government departments and agencies in England to fly the St George’s Cross (on its own or alongside the Union flag) on public buildings from 1 July 2018 until the end of England’s participation in the World Cup and invite other public institutions to do the same

EU Withdrawal Bill

My colleague Richard Graham, MP for Gloucester put it best in a tweet he sent yesterday morning: “Thank you to constituents who’ve contacted me to demand that I: stop Brexit, deliver Brexit tomorrow, stage a 2nd referendum, not betray Brexit, support every Lords amendment, get rid of the Lords, b

Square Deal on Dying

We sat around his bed, perching on the sides as we used to do each Christmas Day as children when opening our stockings.

Flying the Flag

On 23 April, I travelled through Parliament Square on a bus and couldn’t believe my eyes. Here I was, in the heart of the capital, on St George’s Day, and the only place where I could see St George’s flag flying was on Westminster Abbey.

Immigration Policy

Britain will need a new immigration policy once we have left the European Union, concluded the transition and are no longer bound by EU rules on freedom of movement.

Square Deal on Immigration and Identity

Our country is divided. Not just between Leavers and Remainers, or between right and left. But in our attitudes and our attachments, in our loyalties and our sense of identity.