EU Referendum


David Cameron was the first PM to veto an EU treaty and got Britain out of the eurozone bail out fund.


This Conservative government will negotiate tougher restrictions on European immigrants' access to UK benefits. We will hold a referendum on our membership of the EU by the end of 2017 so the British people can deicde whether to stay in or get out.

UPDATE: Wednesday 29 March

Many will know I voted Remain, but equally I have always been clear that Brexit would not be a disaster.

I accepted the result and I respect the views of the British people, as well as the democracy that we are so proud of as a country.

I’m very optimistic about the opportunities outside the EU and the things that we could achieve as a country, opening new doors and new possibilities for UK citizens and businesses.

I’ll do everything I can to support it, to help the Government and Theresa May in any way I can and make sure that we get the best deal for all of us going forward.