Secure broadband roll-out


I helped secure the Government’s investment in the roll-out of superfast broadband to rural Lincolnshire.


EU Referendum

RECORD:David Cameron was the first PM to veto an EU treaty and got Britain out of the eurozone bail out fund.PROMISE:This Conservative government will negotiate tougher restrictions on European immigrants' access to UK benefits. We will hold a referendum on our membership of the EU by the end of 2017 so the British people can deicde whether to stay in or get out.

Protect our hospitals'

RECORD:I have kept pressure on the Peterborough and Stamford Hospitals Trust to honour its commitment to invest in new and improved services at Stamford Hospital. In Grantham I have kept the pressure up on United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust to honour its commitment to invest in new services at Grantham Hospital like the new hospice-in-the-hospital.

Back local charities & groups

RECORD:I have worked hard to help local organisations in Stamford like Evergreen Care Trust, South Lincs Dementia Support and the Stamford Skatepark committee. In the Bourne area organisations like Toolbar and the Bourne Festival. In the Grantham area organisations like Grantham Museum, Woodland Trust, St Barnabas, Grantham Passage, Jubilee Life Church and Inspire+.

Preserve Tallington

RECORD:I put pressure on Network Rail to listen to Tallington residents' strong concerns about the first two routes proposed for a bridge to replace the level crossing.PROMISE:I will do anything I can to help Tallington residents secure a replacement for the level crossing which a majority of them support so we can preserve the quality of life in Tallington.

Help town centre businesses

RECORD:I have supported the successful efforts of local residents and businesses to get a residents parking scheme in Grantham & Stamford.PROMISE:I will work with local councillors to introduce 1-2 hour free parking in Grantham & Stamford car parks so we can attract more shoppers to the town.