Welcome to my website. I am honoured to be the Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford. This website tells you what I believe in, what I am working on, how I can help, and how you can contact me.

Everybody in Grantham & Stamford has something to celebrate this week.  Not, I hasten to add, my re-election as Member of Parliament or even the return of Conservative majority government (although I hope you will forgive me if I do celebrate these things a bit.) What

Before the election, I told everyone living in the Grantham area that securing the future of Grantham Hospital as our local provider of high quality healthcare would be one my top priorities as Member of Parliament.  So I hope that all of the Journal’s readers will be

A growing economy - one that creates jobs and gives everyone the opportunity to build financial security for themselves and their families – has its roots in the education people receive when they are young.  So David Cameron’s long term plan for the British economy starts in its schools.

We need to bring immigration from other European countries under some sort of control.  That is what I argued in the book I published in 2010, Which Way’s Up.  So I think David Cameron is quite right to say that this will be his top priority in the

The re-opening of Grantham Museum by the group of local volunteers who took it over a couple of years ago is a cause for celebration. They have taken a facility that had become gloomy, dusty and tired and restored the light and airy character of the original design. By taking down internal walls

2015 has started with lots of good news for the British economy.  Unemployment has fallen by 370,800 over the last year and more people have jobs than ever before.  Three quarters of the 1.75 million new jobs created since 2010 are full time jobs.  Meanwhile, the


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RECORD: I helped secure crucial funding for the new relief road ...
RECORD: David Cameron was the first PM to veto an EU treaty and got...

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