Welcome to my website. I am honoured to be the Member of Parliament for Grantham and Stamford. This website tells you what I believe in, what I am working on, how I can help, and how you can contact me.

"The people I work for have made a momentous decision. I advised against it. But they call the shots and I will now do everything I can to help make a success of it. I regret very much that David Cameron has decided to resign as Prime Minister. He was a great leader of our country and is a good...

On 7 June 1866, Elizabeth Garrett and Emily Wilding Davison went to Parliament to present a petition calling for women to be given the vote. The suffragettes' campaign would start bearing fruit in 1918 when some women were enfranchised but it took another 10 years before...

What I know about football could be written in a Tweet and still leave lots of characters to spare. But I cannot resist an epic story of triumph against the odds and the journey of Leicester City Football Club from the nether reaches of the Premiership League to capturing the title is as...

Lincolnshire people know what’s best for people in Lincolnshire.  It is that belief which lies behind the announcement in this week’s Budget that the government is going to support the creation of a new combined authority for Greater Lincolnshire, under a directly elected...

In the last few weeks I have been investigating the future of our local NHS and working out how we can make sure that it offers people living in the Stamford area the services they deserve. Last Friday I arranged for Simon Stevens the chief executive of NHS England to visit south Lincolnshire...


RECORD: I helped secure the Government’s investment in the roll-...
RECORD: I helped secure crucial funding for the new relief road ...
RECORD: David Cameron was the first PM to veto an EU treaty and got...

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My latest column in the Grantham Journal on Equality.
My latest column in the Grantham Journal on Syrian Airstrikes.
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